On Tap, South Africa’s first dedicated beer publication is a quarterly magazine
aimed at craft brewers, homebrewers, beer fanatics and those just beginning
to dip their proverbial toe into the mash tun. Each issue will be filled
with beer news from around the country and the continent, with snippets of
relevant world beer news to make sure South African drinkers have their
finger on the global beer pulse.


Here’s a taster of what’s in our packed Spring edition…..

Spring web graphics 3

Adam Dulye, Executive Chef at the Brewers Association, is one of the world’s leading experts on beer and food pairing. Here he shares a few hints and tips.....

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Spring web graphics 1

The Argentine craft beer scene has many parallels with South Africa’s – breweries are quickly popping up across the country, providing an alternative to the traditional wine culture.....

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Spring web graphics 2

It’s Saturday morning, 8 o’clock. Four breweries in two days doesn’t sound so tough, but to reach them we’ll have to wind through 125km of hilly roads. With camera in hand, we set off for the...

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Answers to the PUB quiz

Here are the answers to the PUB Quiz on page 48 of the Spring Edition.

1. False – the main beer tents only serve festbier, a malty, golden lager 2. Check out Oktoberfest celebrations at CBC, Urban Brewing Co., Badplaas Forever resort and more! 3. b 4. c 5. True – kids are even allowed in the beer tents up to a certain time 6. 4000 7. Paris Hilton – and I think we can all drink to that! 8. c – it’s free! 9. False, though it’s recommended if you want to get a seat (and therefore get served) 10. a – Oktoberfest always starts in September


If you scored a perfect 100% you’re a beergenius and we salute you.

Meet the editor

Lucy Corne has been “researching” beer for many years, tasting microbrews in North and South Korea, propping up bars across Canada and enjoying more than the occasional ale in her native UK. Since settling in South Africa she has become an avid participant in the booming beer scene. Lucy is the author of SA’s first dedicated beer book, African Brew, a qualified BJCP judge and an all-round hophead who can usually be found sniffing and sipping IPAs, all in the name of research.


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