On Tap, South Africa’s first dedicated beer publication is a quarterly magazine
aimed at craft brewers, homebrewers, beer fanatics and those just beginning
to dip their proverbial toe into the mash tun. Each issue will be filled
with beer news from around the country and the continent, with snippets of
relevant world beer news to make sure South African drinkers have their
finger on the global beer pulse.


The Summer digital edition is free for all

Here’s a taster of what’s in our Summer edition…


It's a beer with medium bitterness that results in a golden liquid that delivers full flavour but is balanced by the refreshment through tailored raw materials ratios, elevated fermentation profile, bitterness and carbonation levels It's a beer that...

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Screenshot 2020-12-10 at 09.12.25

Necessity, the old adage goes, is the mother of invention, and while it might be a stretch to say that Brock Kuhlman needed sake, he certainly really wanted some. I started the journey because we couldn’t find good sake in South Africa at the time...

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When the O’Neill family boarded a fllife changing it would be. During the flThe cover advertised right, Brad and Marisa O’Neill caught sight of the in-flight magazine right to Cape Town for a holiday back in 2017, they didn’t know how life changing it would be ...

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Answers to the PUB quiz

Here are the answers to the PUB Quiz on page 48 of the Summer Edition.

1. Rubus with Fierce Beer 2. It’s an upside-down beer bottle 3. Stellenbrau and Soweto Gold 4. Red Sky, Krugerbrau, Savage… 5. East Coast, Noon Gun, Metal Lane, Scavenger, OC, Kennel, Karoo, Jakkalsvlei, Kalahari, Impi, Durban – to name a few 6. Stellenbosch Brewing Company 7. Citra 8. Hops 9. First Saturday in February 10. Get in touch with us to tell us – you can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


If you scored a perfect 100% you’re a beergenius and we salute you.

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